how it all started ..

In 1990, Monte Warne, a man living in the USA, was looking for a bike that provided 3 to 4 times more horsepower than any other bike available on the market. But there was no such thing.

So he came up with the idea to build his own bike. For this, he removed the V8 Chevy engine from a StockCar. He packed this central unit into a frame he designed himself. His goal was that his new motorcycle, as a Crusier, had to be comfortable to ride. With this homemade bike he went to the Daytona Bike Week and received a lot of praise. Everyone wanted to know where exactly this bike was available. From this point on it was clear for Monte: He had to build more of these machines…

In the last 28 years, Monte Warne’s small shop has developed into a large manufacturing facility. In Dyersburg, in the state of Tennessee, these monster bikes are now produced in series on a 770 sqm area. Here, the frames are designed and manufactured. After welding, all frames are powder coated. Apart from the engine, the company’s own turning and milling shop produces all parts for the motorcycles itself.

The engines are supplied by Chevrolet and modified at the factory by the Boss Hoss specialists. There are almost no limits to this: engines with a capacity of up to 10 liters and more are available, if desired by the customer. On a large production line, mechanics assemble the motorcycles by hand. After final assembly, each bike is thoroughly tested on a test bench and after this on the road.

Within a very short time, this mega bike also managed to make it across the big pond. In Europe, some enthusiasts initially supplied themselves from the USA, with all the associated difficulties in obtaining approval and spare parts supply. However, this changed when Andreas Müller took over the European import for the American Boss Hoss motorcycles. Since then, the specialist knowledge contact point for all V8 riders in Europe is available in Hürth, near Cologne.

Clearly structured and familiar with the special regulations of the respective European countries, the team of Andreas Müller creates individual Boss Hoss bikes in addition to the factory machines. These custom bikes are as individual as the riders of the large-volume V8 motorcycles are.

Whether it’s a production vehicle, a special custom Boss Hoss or even your own custom idea for the body, the team around the trained motor vehicle master technician comes up with extraordinary solutions and delivers your gem to your home on time.