BHC-3 LS3 SP The LS3 Super Sport is equipped with a 6,2 Liter engine and puts out 445HP. With 480kg it’s the lightest bike Boss Hoss is producing. BHC-2 502 BB 8,2 Liter and 502HP with 670Nm of torque are the characteristics of the most powerful motorcycle which is serial produced all over the world. Only 497 Bikes were manufactured until the production was folded in 2007. Stingray This is for sure our most popular custom bike. The beating heart of this Big Block frame is a 620 cubic inch (10,2 Liters) all aluminum Donovan engine with 790 HP and almost 1000Nm torque. GLADIATOR Here is what is called Boss Hoss Super Sport which was fully custom built in order to the theme “Gladiator”. The frame of a Super Sport is 3 inch lower and 3 Inch shorter than a standard frame. Undrtaker Here is shown a Boss Hoss ZZ4 Small Block with 350 cubic Inch. This engine has 350 HP and is produced with carburetor or Fuel injection system. Also here was done a lot of special handmade customizing like the fuel tank for example.